Life Could Exist on Exoplanet’s Satellites

Computer modeling shows that more than 5% of the giant exsoplanets may have habitable moon, if these planets orbit at a distance from their stars.This computer modeling developed by Simon Porter and his colleagues at Lowell Observatory in Arizona, includes 12 000 hypothetical Earth-sized exoplanets who had been captured by gas giants and became their satellites. Modeled behavior not “hot Jupiters”, and the planets that are far enough away from the star to every living thing on the surface was not consumed.According to the model, all the satellites began to move on highly elongated elliptical orbits. For hundreds of thousands of years, half of them fell on the planet, or pulled away from them. 

But the other half stood on stable orbits, which allows to form a stable climate for billions of years. It is believed that it is necessary for the evolution of complex life forms.Astronomers till now have not found any habitable moon, and it is unclear how many Earth-like objects can be captured by the giants.