Milky Way galaxy map

Map of the Milky Way galaxy from Swift telescope

The space telescope Swift helped to make the unique Milky Way galaxy map. The orbital telescope Swift, which was started in 2004 for the purpose of studying of space gamma splashes, helped scientists to create the galaxy map. Over creation of the card worked the astronomers from the American Space Agency NASA and the State Pennsylvanian University. With help of scientific tools of orbital observatory, scientists created the detailed galaxy map of an environment of our Milky Way galaxy.
According to scientists they connected together thousands photos of our telescope to receive this fantastic image of an environment of our Milky Way.

With these new mosaic photos, the scientists can study a star formation in each visible galaxy.

Magellan Clouds – the Big Magellan Cloud and the Small Magellan Cloud – galaxies satellites of the Milky Way.  Both Clouds were considered earlier as the wrong galaxies, but subsequently found features of structure of spiral galaxies with a crossing point.  They settle down rather closely to each other and form the gravitational and related (double) system.  There are visible with the naked eye in the southern hemisphere.  Both Clouds “float” in the general hydrogen cover.

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