Mars Gale crater

Mars Gale crater was the water environment in the past

Researches of a monophonic mars rover of Curiosity showed that in the past in Mars Gale crater there was a lot of liquid water. In spite of the fact that Curiosity’s fourth American mars rover is on a surface of the Mars Gale crater less than a year, it already managed to justify the main goal of arrival to Mars. He confirmed availability of liquid water in Mars Gale crater where landed in the night of the fifth for sixth August 2012. Recently the last Mars rover investigated the district under the name “Hottah”, called so in honor of the lake in Canada “HottahLake”. According to the research Curiosity, in this area there was a lot of liquid water at what there was a powerful current then there were dry courses, clay breeds, and also pebble enough.
In the same area the mars rover found traces of falling of fragments of meteorites which created peculiar shock hollows. The sizes of the Hottah area make 100 x 50 meters.
Now the main objective of the mars rover will be the studying the pebble, found in soil of the Hottah area.



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