Mars Rover Curiosity

Mars Rover Curiosity will be put on standby

The Mars rover Curiosity of NASA, switched off, to wait out a Mars-bound solar blast.

The mars rover will be put on standby after the Tuesday, when the SUN unleashed a flare in the direction of Red Planet. The team of rover views the shutdown of Curiosity, for withstanding of solar outbursts. The move can delay the return of mars rover to the operation, which is anticipated in this weekend. The robot perfectly operated in the Red Planet until Feb. 27, when it didn’t send the recorded data to the Earth.

The team thought that a glitch had brought some problems to the Curiosity main memory flash. Then the engineers changed the rover with its backup computer. The mars rover came out of safe mode on Saturday, and a day later began to use its high-gain antenna. The engineers were sure, that they can fix the glitch as soon as possible.

NASA officials don’t think that on Tuesday the solar flare may seriously affect the agency’s other robotic Mars explorers, for example Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.