Mass of the Largest Bodies in the Universe Depend on Method in which this Mass is Measured

Scientists have known that the masses of the largest bodies in the Universe depend on the method in which this mass is measured. Measurements of the galaxy cluster are carried out in three different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum: X-ray, optical and millimeter wavelengths, which leads to different results.Eduardo Roseau at University of Chicago, explained that the performance of any two measurement methods may be virtually identical, but the third way will be radically different. They called it the ” Axis of Evil “.

More than 40 leading astronomers from the UK, Europe and the U.S. participated in a meeting   to   discuss   preliminary   data by  satellite Planck, who is currently scans every inch of the sky in search of the slightest signal  from clusters of galaxies and the CMB, to let us know how Universe was born. Astronomers of research Institute in Liverpool took a leading role in this research, studying X-ray data of clusters and observing the galaxies using the largest ground-based optical telescopes.One of the possible ways of dealing with “Axis of Evil” was the discovery of new population clusters, optically bright, but invisible in X-rays.