Meteor Storm

Meteor Storm Caused Migration of Planets

According to a new study of Nature Geoscience researchers

, huge gas planets’ migration created the meteor storm, which is the biggest in our solar system ‘s history. Our solar system was formed 3.9 billion years ago, which was the result of cosmic tempest. There was a migration of planets, in which the Jupiter and Saturn moved closer to the Sun, but the Neptune and Uranus moved further. The gravitational effects formed by their migrations. The amount meteors were flung towards the solar system, where they clashed with the terrestrial planets, including the Moon and the Earth. The scientists used argon isotopes for determining the time, when occurred the impactions of samples. Also the argon readings indicate that the samples of meteor can have resulted from high velocity impacts in excess of 10 km per second. The scientists think that the new argon calculations will provide the important results of filling holes in existing planetary migration models which are in the Late Heavy Bombardment theory. So, the new study gives the chance to scientists to understand the early solar system and how it got to look the way it does now.

source:Nature Geoscience