New Metod to Find Active Regions of Sun

Scientists have found a way to spot active regions of the sun, below the solar surface, a full day or two before they erupt as sunspots on our nearest star. Sunspots, which are temporary dark splotches on the sun with strong and concentrated magnetic fields, remain largely a mystery. But a team of astronomers has developed a new technique to detect these dynamic regions deep within the sun before they become visible on the surface. This new method,  which  measures  acoustic  waves  beneath the sun’s  surface, could help scientists create better and more accurate ways to forecast space weather and potentially dangerous solar storms. According to Stathis Ilonidis, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. and lead author of the  study it’s the  first time that they could detect sunspots before they appear at the surface. It’s very important to monitor solar activity and predict severe space weather events.