Moon will be Near Spica and Saturn until Monday

In the night of Monday, December 19, you may observe the moon near the star Spica and the planet Saturn. The three can be only observed only before the dawn on Monday. Look first for the moon in the sky, and then find out two star-like lights in the moon’s vicinity. The closes light to the moon is Spica – the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. The next light in the sky nearby the moon, which is farther from the moon than Spica, is the planet Saturn – the most distant planet in the sky that can be seen with an unaided eye. Both the star Spica and the planet Saturn can also be distinguished by their colors. Saturn is visible in the golden color, and Spica is blue-white. You may see their color better if you will use a binoculars or a portable telescope

With the more professional telescope you may even observe famous rings of the planet Saturn. Another two planets can be seen in the sky early in the morning: Mercury and Mars. They rise about 60-90 before the sunrise. You may find Mercury near the southeast horizon and the red planet Mars can be seen high in the southern sky. In northerly latitudes, Mercury resides to the lower left of Saturn and Mars to Saturn’s upper right.