NASA Announces Plans for the First Space Washing Machine

NASA provides an opportunity for astronauts to change underwear more than once per week. Have you ever wondered how astronauts deal with their laundry while landing at the International Space Station for months and even more? Having no easy way to change and wash the clothes, astronauts are forced to wear the same underwear for a week, and even more for other parts of the astronaut costume. Of course they have several solutions like wearing the underwear again, feeding it bacteria, throwing away into space or growing space plants in it. To make the lives of astronauts easier, NASA has announced plans to design a new washing machine which will work in the zero gravity flights

The UMPQUA Research Company, which was contracted by NASA,  was required to design a prototype of low-power washing machine to work on the space station and utilize a small amount of water. The UMPQUA Research Company has came up with a solution of machine that not only uses small amount of air and vapor but also microwaves to clean the clothes in the zero gravity. In the company they believe that the futuristic machine can be used not only on the International Space Station, but also on ships, military outposts and Earth-bound research stations.