Hurricane on Saturn

NASA Cassini spacecraft captured big hurricane on Saturn

The big hurricane on Saturn , similar to a rose bud, captured the NASA Cassini spacecraft. Scales of the hurricane impress: its diameter makes 2 thousand km that in 20 times more, than the biggest hurricane on Earth. Cassini allowed researchers to make out for the first time a hurricane on Saturn in detail. Wind speed in the hurricane center as it became clear, reaches 150 m/second. Unlike terrestrial storm, which move on a planet, the hurricane on Saturn isn’t mobile and is on its North Pole. On Earth hurricanes, as a rule, drift to the north, because of the turbulences of a wind caused by movement of a planet. By the word of scientists at the same time in many respects the hurricane on Saturn is similar on terrestrial. This hurricane also has “eye” – the center of a whirlwind in which there are no clouds, as well as other signs Saturn Hurricaneof a terrestrial storm. According to the scientists they were surprised when considered a whirlwind as it looked the same as a hurricane on Earth. But on Saturn all in much bigger scales, thus amount of water vapor in the atmosphere of Saturn much less. Recently, Cassini helped researchers to find out, that rings and satellites of Saturn are much more senior, than was considered earlier. Data of the space probe testify that them about 4 billion years. It means, that round the gas giant rotates some kind of ancient heavenly bodies, which appeared even during origin of Solar system when round a young star there was a protoplanetary cloud.