NASA 55 th anniversary

NASA celebrates the 55 year anniversary

NASA celebrates the 55 year anniversary, considering that in space exploration is taken giant stride. NASA is promising myriads of new achievements and opening in cooperation with foreign partners. Activity of those who participates in development of near-earth space, inspires the next generation not only researchers, but also scientists, engineers, experts in the field of medicine. Birthday of NASA is considered on July 29, 1958 when President Dwight Eisenhower signed the law on creation of specialized institution adopted by the Congress of the USA for space exploration. Originally in NASA there were only four laboratories and about 80 employees among whom there was a founder of rockets Werner von Brown. Now in structure of NASA more than 18 thousand people work, the budgetary inquiry of the organization for 2014 fiscal year is equal to 17,7 billion dollars. The period occupation by science during construction works on the International space station /ISS / is passed. And it means that more ample opportunities for carrying out in the next decade / on ISS / all scientific experiments are now prepared. Celebrating the 55 year anniversary for future NASA plans in the sphere of studying of space the forthcoming some years become “rather fascinating” period of researches. Now they have so more extensive opportunities in respect of the equipment for carrying out biological experiments, in particular, with application in the medical purposes of ultrasound. Now NASA is looking forward to the next 55 year anniversary.

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