NASA Chose the Landing Site for Next Mars Rover

The new rover NASA Curiosity, which is scheduled to launch to Mars in November 2011, after run fundamental scientific problems, may try to “conquer” five-kilometer mountain in crater Gale, which is chosen as the landing site. Gale is 96 miles (154 kilometers) wide, and a 3-mile-high (5-km) mountain rises from its center. The crater also harbors clays and sulfate salts, signs that liquid water flowed in the area long ago. According  to  Grottsinger  this  mountain  (in  the  crater  of  the Gale ) is  possible,  the highest mountain in the solar system, on which we can climb with the rover. 

The rover, which landed near the edge of the crater Gale, gets to the base of the mountain and “the road” will deal   with   its   main  objectives,  such  as  the  study of  sedimentary rocks in the crater and search for organic compounds. Curiosity gets to Mars in August 2012 and will be the biggest rover ever. Currently, he passes the last test. The unit will examine the environment in terms of its suitability for micro-organisms, as well as search for traces of the water and organic matter in planet.