Asteroid 2013 EC

NASA Reported United States Faced a Real Threat of an Asteroid Strike

The next three weeks will be critical for United States, as the asteroid may fall in the USA
territories. The astronomer from the American Space Agency of NASA reported that there is a real threat of collision with huge object. The unknown asteroid was noticed on March 22 over east coast of the USA in the form of a big fiery sphere. From the moment of flight of this asteroid over the USA, in the American meteoric society arrived about 630 messages concerning this phenomenon. The 0,9-meter asteroid was called the Manhattan asteroid. According to its trajectory of flight, it can really pose serious threat for the USA, however scientists calm Americans that according to statistics the asteroid of the decent size hits the Earth about 1 time in 1 000 years. The astronomers think that the asteroid may change its own course by the time and void the hitting the Earth. Some of the astronomers think that the asteroid wouldn’t hit the Earth, because it is in the sky and passing the atmosphere the huge object may lose its fire. But, the other part of astronomers fear, that it will create a huge crash over the city of New York. The approaching of the asteroid is a big threat for U.S or other parts of the Earth. The government of U.S started to take quick steps to avoid the fall of huge object on the planet. The new threat over the USA, once again proves that creation of new hi-tech devices and methods of detection of small asteroids is necessary.

source: NASA