NASAs Calipso satellite

NASA’s Calipso satellite, which is the prolific Earth-observation satellite, took the image on June 2 using laser and infrared ranging instruments and has since gone on to take more imagery.The Calipso satellite was lunched in 2006 and traveled more than 750 million miles (1.2 million kilometers) as it orbits the Earth, NASA officials said in a statement. The amount of data and images it has recorded would fill 10,500 DVDs or 75,000 CDs. The instrument takes vertical measurements between the satellite and the Earth’s surface.Calipso is one of several spacecraft that make up the international “A-Train” constellation of Earth-observing satellites.

According to scientists Calipso gives very valuable information about climate, the weather, and air quality. With the help this now scientst know where are the layers of pollution and how they move over the globe.