Neptune Made ​​its First Revolution Around the Sun in July 11, 2011

The large icy world Neptune first opened to the human eyes 164.79 years ago in September 23, 1846. Because the Neptune it took 164.79 earthly years to make a revolution around the Sun, only now he finishes a complete revolution in its orbit.The discovery of Neptune was the turning point in astronomy. Planet was detected not by observation and with the help of mathematical calculations. Mathematicians have calculated that  the perturbations in the orbit of Uranus, which was considered the most far planet from the Sun, can be explained by the presence of another more distant planet whose gravity affects the motion of Uranus. The first images of Neptune were obtained in 1989 by the American probe Voyager 2. 

After studying images externally calm blue world, the scientists found dark spots on its surface, which proved to be cyclonic storms, then they found the presence of a thin layer of the atmosphere and the great bands of black fabric over the entire surface of the planet.They are created by geysers of dust and nitrogen, which erupt from beneath the icy surface of Triton, Neptune’s satellite, under the influence of solar heat.