Curiosity Mars Rover

New data from Curiosity-How Martian atmosphere was disappeared

Curiosity’s information confirmed a hypothesis of reduction of amount of light gases in the atmosphere of Mars There was found the most reasonable confirmation of gradual disappearance of the atmosphere of a planet. Results of research confirmed, that light gases disappeared from the top layers of the Martian atmosphere. For process of research of disappearance of the atmosphere the scientists analysed its structure. As a subject of studying isotopes of gas of argon were chosen. Now in the atmosphere of Mars is four times lighter argon-36, than heavy argon-38. It is much lower, than initial indicators for planets of Solar system. Such results allowed drawing a conclusion that gas disappeared from the atmosphere.  First the planet lost easier isotopes. At the same time, the residual atmosphere of Mars shows activity, which is fixed also by rover Curiosity devices. The station of monitoring of environment of a mars rover (REMS) obtained information on considerable change of humidity in various points of a way of the device. Measurements of pressure, temperature and fluctuations of a wind allowed to confirm existence on a surface of a red planet of turbulences of air. Until the end of April rover Curiosity will carry out all necessary operations in an autonomous mode. Within four weeks the review of Mars from Earth will be closed by the Sun, in this connection operators will have no opportunity to send new teams. Before communication renewal, the scientific group will be occupied with a choice of a new stone on a surface near a Mars rover for drilling and research. Since August, 2012 Suriosity carries out researches in Gale’s Martian crater. In March it became known, that the device carried out the main objective of the mission-confirmed suitability of ancient Mars for life.