Liquid water on the Moon

New moon rover for finding the liquid water on the Moon

NASA develops a moon rover for search and analysis water and other materials taken in a trap of ices on poles of the Moon and demonstration of how water can be made on a place. Flight is planned for November 2017, mission received the name Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatile Extraction (RESOLVE) and will have a week for achievement of the purposes. To be enclosed the squeezed budget of $250 million (into the sum includes the rocket to the Moon) the project managers plan to use solar energy for a food of systems of a moon rover and scientific tools. However in places, where there can be water and other flying substances, the sunlight appears time in some days. For the value of this mission, it is necessary to use nuclear power. According to the scientists the solar batteries of mission are more available and such way they will try to go. It gives the scientist the long list of affairs and very a short time. After a fall on Moon, the rover will have approximately 2,5 days of a sunlight to begin hydrogen searches, and then “will winter” within two days in a shadow. Other part of mission will pass during the next five days of a sunlight and will include drilling about 1 meter (3,3 foots) to receive a sample for the mineral analysis. The sample will heat up also in hope of receiving liquid water. At last, the rover will show as oxygen can be chemically taken from lunar soil and is displaced with hydrogen for production of water. The main mission is investigation of lunar ice, but as the scientists wants to show, that they can extract oxygen from lunar soil.