Newfound Alien Planet is Hot to Melt the Iron


Astronomers have reported about the newfound alien planet which is only 1.6 times bigger than the planet Earth. The new planet, called Kepler-21b, has very close orbits to the parent star and therefore astronomers estimate that the temperature on the planet surface should be about 2,960 degrees Fahrenheit (1,627 degrees Celsius) — hot enough to melt iron. The planet was found using the NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope and then confirmed the existence of the new planet at the Arizona’s Kitt Peak National Observatory. The alien planet Kepler-21b is located 352 light-years far from Earth. It takes the planet 2.8 days to complete one orbit. 

The parent star of the Kepler-21b planed, coded as HD 179070, is only 1.3 times larger than the sun and also hotter and brighter than our star. According to researchers, it’s also younger than our star. An estimated age of the star is about 2.84 billion years, compared to 4.6 billion years for the sun.The HD 179070 star can only be seen with a small telescope and is not visible by the unaided eye. Since March 2009, the $600 million costing Kepler spacecraft has discovered about 1,235 planet candidates which double the number of totally known alien planets (around 700). According to the experts, only Milky Way galaxy likely contains billions of new undiscovered planets, though most of them are so far away from us that it would be difficult to detect and identify them.