Norwegian Family Found Rare Meteorite

A family Thomassens in Oslo got a surprise when they visited their allotment garden cabin for

the first time this season and found that a 585-gram (20 oz.) meteorite had ripped a hole through the roof. The space rock was discovered lying five or six metres away. Astrophysicist Knut Jorgen Roed Odegaard from the University of Oslo investigated the report and found it to be genuine meteorite. He told that we can tell immediately that it’s genuine from the burned crust, and we can also recognize it from how rough and unusual it is. According to NASA Astrobiology Institute’s Hans Amundsen this is a very rare meteorite because we can see from the cut of it that it contains fragments from many different kinds of rock that have cemented together, forming a so-called breccia. Such meteorites are caused by previous collisions, cementing together different types of material from impacts with asteroids or planets. This means the meteorite that landed on the Thomassens’ cabin may very well have been blown off the surface of Mars at some point in the distant past. According to Amundsen, such a meteorite is very valuable to researchers as well as private collectors, who may be willing to pay highly for it. Chunks of Mars have fetched USD $877 per gram in the past. So it is mean that the meteorite that was found by Thomassens’ family potentially worth over $500,000. Norway’s geological museum has the country’s only meteorite collection and they’re the right ones to determine what kind of meteorite this is.