Send massages to space

Now everyone will be able to send messages to space

On July 18 the Lone Signal Company will send photos and text messages to space from  mobile phones. The messages will be broadcast towards a star to Gliese 526, which is the red dwarf in Bootes constellation. There are planets round it, which atmosphere is similar to the terrestrial address. For throwing a signal rather far, Lone Signal rented a radio telescope of Jamesburg for thirty years. For the first time the ciphered message was sent towards a star congestion in Oat-flakes constellation, at distance of 25,000 light years from Earth. It went to space from a radio telescope of observatory of Aresibo (Puerto Rico) in November, 1974. The distance of Gliese 526 is 17,6 light years, and by 2050 we will be able to receive the answer. However, the staff of the company isn’t going to be limited to one star. The message will include information which is: position of Earth in the Universe, periodic table of elements and hydrogen definition. All this information will be in a binary code. This information will be constantly broadcast, as a bearing signal. If someone catches this signal, it also will be able to decode shorter messages of certain clients of the company. To send messages to space for the first time will be free (message will be up to 144 signs). Then Lone Signal demands that you got four credits for 99 cents. For more sings there are 4000 credits, which cost is only $99,99. Messages to space will go every month. By the words of Jacob Haqq-Misra, which is the chief researcher of Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, it is the real capsule with the message to descendants. Even if the people won’t contact observer now, they send a capsule to space for ever.