Orion Spacecraft

Orion spacecraft will investigate asteroids directly in the space

The scientists of NASA develop the robotic Orion spacecraft. The purpose of this project is to capture of space object for in-depth studies. When falling to Earth any meteorite or an asteroid loses part of weight, burning down in the atmosphere, many chemical and physical properties of combustible object thus change. If to study an asteroid directly in the space, for the scientists of NASA it  will be possible to understand, what its real chemical composition. But The scientists of NASA will not just operate the Orion, because for Orion‘s successful operation on connection of the spacecraft to an asteroid requires the help of the Moon. Orion will have to fly up to object, to capture him and to put to Lunar orbit. The pilotless ship will grab an asteroid of 7,6 meters in size and of 450 metric tons in 2019. After that, the Orion delivers to it 4 astronauts, who will land on it and will study in 2021. Though, in the space there are thousands asteroids of the suitable sizes, however the hitch consists in detection of such asteroid, which will come nearer to Earth in due time. The asteroid of 7 meters in size doesn’t constitute danger to Earth, as will burn down at an entrance to the atmosphere of our planet. This project will help with development of technologies of change of a trajectory of the asteroids constituting danger to Earth. Also, it becomes training before sending astronauts to Mars in the 2030th years. The president of USA approved the above described scientific project and allocated from the State budget the first hundred million dollars for search of a suitable asteroid.