Is there a pair of Exoplanets in Binary Systems UZ Ovens?

According to researchers from the U.S., UK and South Africa may be there are a pair of giant planets in a binary system UZ Ovens.In UZ includes white and red dwarfs, which are very close to each other. The substance, flowing from the red dwarf to companion , is heated and becomes a source of X-rays.The collected informations showed that the eclipse of UZ Ovens sometimes come “too early” or “too late”. These periodic fluctuations are well modeled by assuming that around the stars of UZ Ovens move a pair of giant exoplanets with minimum masses of 6.3 and 7.7 Jupiter. One revolution in its orbit they must go 16 years and 5.25 years.Astronomers say that can give the final conclusion after new long-term observations.