New Planet Near the Triple Star HD 132 563

More recently, scientists announced the discovery of new planets near the triple star HD 132 563.The main star, HD 132563A, is binary. The study conducted by a team of scientists led by Silvano Desidera of the Astronomical Observatory of Padua, Italy. The new planet moves on the orbit of the second star in the system HD 132563B. As in the binary component of the main star, the new planet was detected by spectral analysis. It’s 1.3 times  heavier than the mass of Jupiter, with an average distance from its parent star in 388 954 800 km. Scientists have also tried to make the image of the planet directly, using adaptive optics, the Italian Telescopio Nazionale Galileo. 

Scientists found that the observed stellar system has 1-3 billion years, according to stellar activity and the amount of lithium present in the atmosphere of the star, which decreases with time. If planets exist around such distant multiple star systems, it’s probably possible to detect planets around double and even single stars.