Magnetic Storm

Powerful magnetic storm was on April 13

Strong flash on the Sun, occurred on Thursday, can cause a magnetic storm on Earth – flashes of such class wasn’t observed since November of last year. Flash was accompanied by emission of solar substance, and satellites recorded increase of a stream of protons to the level dangerous to space equipment about what experts already received the prevention. Flash will cause on Earth a strong magnetic storm. Meteodependent people, will feel emission consequences already today, and the main blow on a magnetosphere of our planet is expected in 1\2 days. Solar flashes, depending on the power of x-ray radiation, share on five classes: A, B, C, M and X. The minimum class A0.0 corresponds to radiation power in Earth orbit in 10 nanowatts on square meter. Upon transition to the following letter capacity increases ten times. Present flash of the class M6.5 was recorded in the morning of April 11 practically in the center of a solar disk. Now the Sun is rather quiet, because in winter months it wasn’t recorded any magnetic storm. The result of magnetic storm will be the strong deterioration of a geomagnetic situation. The big magnetic storm, probably, even very big, but the expected storm shouldn’t be record and won’t surpass an event of October 2003.