Pulsar Star Reveals Space Oddity

The recently discovered strange spinning star appears to be older than the explosion in which it has been born. According to the report, the pulsar star, known as SXP 1062, is a rotating, super-dense core resulted after a massive star goes supernova.  The star is located in the Small Magellanic Cloud which is one of the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way. Considering that the star is turning not so fast, it should have been exploded around 40,000 years ago, in spite of the pulsar looking much older. Pulsar appears after supernova explosion, when a star‘s remnant collapses and becomes so dense that protons and electrons squish together to form neutrons. The conservation of angular momentum makes the newly formed neutron stars to rotate. 

The fast rotation makes the lights of the star to pulse in intervals, thus giving a name to the process – a pulsar. Normally, pulsars are spinning extremely fast, but the SXP 1062 star pulsar turning as slow as once in 18 minutes, which makes it one of the slowest spinning pulsars discovered. Slow pulsars are very difficult to detect, because the light they produce is not hard to detect. Pulsar’s spinning slows down as it gets old, so in case with the SXP 1062 star pulsar, the slow spinning may be an evidence of its age or the fact that something has decelerated its speed. Or maybe the star was born in a slower spin than other pulsars. The answer to these questions scientists from Germany’s Institute for Physics and Astronomy are planning to get by investigations and analysis made over the optical spectra and the X-ray data from the pulsar.

source: www.space.com

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