Red Galaxies May Help Understand Evolution of Galaxies

The research team of astronomers from the University of Tokyo and the National Society of Astronomers of Japan (NAOJ) have discovered the location of red galaxies in galaxy clusters, presumably located in the 4 billion light years from Earth. During their study they used telescope Subaru. 8.2-meter optical Subaru Telescope is in Hawaii and belongs to the Japanese National Astronomical Observatory. With the help of this telescope, astronomers studied cluster CL0939 and have been able to find out that red galaxies are galaxies in the transition phase. They can demonstrate the dramatic evolution of galaxies around the cluster.  

According to astronomers star-forming galaxies is blue, but when  the  star formation process is completed,  the  bright  blue  stars will soon die. And then the galaxies are changing the color blue to red. Red galaxy is a galaxy in which star-forming almost completed, and the bright blue galaxies say about the active star formation.