What Represented the Universe at the Time of Its Birth?

According to researchers the newborn Universe is likely to rotate and therefore still has a selected axis of rotation. To make such a statement, a group of researchers from the University of Michigan under the direction of physics professor Michael Longo checked, in which direction rotates each of tens of thousands of spiral galaxies, that are photographed during the project Sloan Digital Sky Survey (digital sky survey Alfred P. Sloan Foundation).Investigated galaxies that are from us at a distance of up to 600 million light years. It was found that the galaxy which spiral arms are twisted anticlockwise, there is 7% more than the galaxies with “opposite orientation”. If the Big Bang had a mirror symmetry, the number of both would have to coincide.

Longo says that the Universe revolves, and to this day that follows directly from the laws of classical mechanics, if there was a moment of rotation, it is still here, the galaxies have aslo adopted it, along with the selected axis of rotation.The researchers studied only the Northern Hemisphere sky. So to finally confirm the findings need to check the galaxy in the Southern Hemisphere.