Cassini Spacecraft Captured Amazing Shots Three of Saturn Moons

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured stunning shots of three of Saturn’s moons. The Cassini probe recently      beamed home photos of Titan, Dione and Enceladus, three of Saturn‘s six largest moons. The giant planet has 62 known satellites, but most of them are small, rocky moonlets too small to be rounded by their own gravity. One of the newly released photos shows Titan passing in front of Saturn and its rings. Titan is the ringed planet‘s largest satellite.

Another of Cassini‘s new photos shows Dione, an icy, pockmarked globe 698 miles (1,123 km) across. The moon‘s leading hemisphere is heavily cratered, while its trailing one sports an intricate web of ice cliffs. Cassini also snapped a stunning new photo of Enceladus. At 319 miles (513 km) across, Enceladus is Saturn‘s sixth-largest moon, but it may be the gas giant’s most intriguing satellite.