Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn were attacked by rocks in space

Rings of Saturn are continuously bombarded by rocks in space. Cassini spacecraft being in an orbit of Saturn since 2004, helped scientists to observe a picture of bombing of Saturn rings fragments of space rocks. Collision of these fragments with rings of Saturn lifts big clubs of a space dust and leaves traces in the form of hyphens on rings. It is well visible on the example of the photo of 2004, when the Cassini chambers recorded collision of rocks with rings of Saturn. Orbit of Saturn around the Sun is equivalent to about 30 terrestrial years. Approximately for the 15th year of this cycle, the night of Saturn becomes almost equal to day of Saturn. Just such period fell on 2009 that helped scientists to study in more detail better that happens to rings of Saturn. According to the researcher Matthew Tiscareno  from Kornel’s University during an equinox of a ring of Saturn are well shined that helps them to investigate the rings in detail. During this period the researchers can even accurately observe the risen clubs of a smoke from bombing of rings of a planet by meteors and fragments of asteroids.