Soyuz Russian spacecraft

Russian Spacecraft Soyuz returned to the Earth

The Russian spacecraft Soyuz safety arrived to Kazakhstan.

There were 3 man in this spacecraft, one of them was from USA, the others were from Russia. This group of astronomers had a mission in International Space Station, and has spent there about five months. It was the crew of the 34rd expedition of ISS. The Russian spacecraft “Soyuz” made landing in a regular mode on March 16 at about 11:11 Soyuz Russian spacecraft landingp.m. According to the physicians, all crew members feel well. During the stay onboard the International Space Station, crew members participated in performance of 50 important scientific experiments according to the Russian program of scientific applied researches and experiments. All these experiments will proceed by the other members of ISS of the 35 expedition. Now, onboard the ISS spacecraft Soyuz, there are three crew members under command of Commander Chris Hatfild. Three following crew members ISS will arrive aboard at the end of March of this year.