Lunar eclipse shadow

Satellite Elektro-L will capture a lunar eclipse shadow on May 10

On Friday, May 10, we will be observed the first of two solar eclipses of 2013. It will be a so-called ring-shaped eclipse at which the Moon from the point of view of the terrestrial observer closes the Sun not completely. The lunar eclipse shadow will concern Earth at 01.25 Moscow time in the north of Australia and will start moving through the Pacific Ocean to the east. The eclipse will end at 07.25 Moscow time. Specialists decided to carry out shadow shooting from a solar eclipse on May 10 from a board of the Russian Elektro-L satellite. Elektro-L will be able to capture a start of motion of a lunar eclipse shadow. The weather satellite Elektro-L works more than two years at a geostationary orbit and removes east hemisphere of Earth each 30 minutes with specification to 1 kilometer on pixel. For an eclipse — it in the night of May 10, with 00.55 till 01.25 Moscow time there will be periods of the speeded-up shooting. On May 10 in the Planet will be a strengthened duty shift, next day pictures of a lunar shadow will be published.

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