Saturn Moon Rhea captured by Cassini

Saturn Moon Rhea captured by Cassini

Last Saturday on March 9, the Cassini was most near to the Saturn moon Rhea , for the first time.

During this close passing the Cassini  (Cassini is a NASAs’ robotic spacecraft sent to the Saturn planet) did the image of the Rhea. The purpose of flyby was to observe the internal structure of the Rhea.

Saturn Moon Rhea

 This probe was done by measuring the gravitation pull of Rhea. The results of probe will help the scientists to find out if the Rhea, which has 950 mile wide, is homogeneous, or it is separated into core layers of mental. The distance of Cassini from the Saturn moon Rhea was 997 kilometers, and from this distance it was possible to capture the terrain of the Moon. The Rhea is the second largest moons of Saturn among the 62 moons. It has a surface with a lot of ice and craters. In the composing of Rhea is including rocks and water ice. The researchers also searched the dust flying off the moon, which will determine the micrometeorites’ impacts rate on the surface of the Rhea.

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