Saturns Powerful Storm

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captures Images and sounds of big Saturn storm. So scientists analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft now have the first-ever, up-close details of a Saturn storm that is approximately 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) wide, nearly as wide as Earth, and has a tail of white clouds that encircles all of Saturn. On Dec. 5, 2010, Cassini first detected the storm that has been raging ever since. It appears at approximately 35 degrees north latitude on Saturn. In this time the lightning flash rate as much as 10 times more frequent than during other storms monitored since Cassini’s arrival to Saturn in 2004. According to new data by Cassini Saturn is bipolar. It isn’t like Earth and Jupiter, where storms are fairly frequent. 

Weather on Saturn appears to hum along placidly for years and then erupt violently. Cassini has detected 10 lightning storms on Saturn since the spacecraft entered the planet’s orbit and its southern hemisphere was experiencing summer, with full solar illumination not shadowed by the rings.Scientists think that this storm is thrilling because it shows how shifting seasons and solar illumination can dramatically stir up the weather on Saturn.