Scientists Created 3D Image of Asteroid Vesta

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center created 3D-image and video of asteroid Vesta. They managed to do this through the data obtained by space probe Dawn, which studies Vesta from July 2011, being in orbit of the asteroid. In this asteroid is a lot of craters, plains, valleys, canyons and mountains, moreover the highest mountains in our solar system. Created by scientists 3D-image of asteroid gives complete view of Vesta.  For  example,  in  the  southern  hemisphere,  scientists  have been able  to see  a very large untapped crater. 

On Vesta there are no traces any volcanic activity, so scientists are puzzled over how these craters could be formed on an asteroid. According to scientists, they don’t expect to find such a difficult geological complex on Vesta, which tells about the powerful and dynamic processes of surface formation in the past. At the moment, scientists have been able not only to determine the axis of rotation of Vesta, but also to understand that it, like Earth, is divided into meridians and parallels.

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