Fastest Growing Black Hole

Scientists Have Discovered the Fastest Growing Black Hole

Astronomers have already discovered fastest growing black hole. “This black hole is growing so rapidly that it’s shining thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy”.

Researchers used newly released data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite to confirm that the brightly shining object is a black hole, which appears to have been the mass of about 20 billion suns when the light was released and was growing by 1 percent every million years, researchers said in a statement.

Dr Christian Wolf of the Australian National University said that this is a weighty problem for physics, because the largest supernovas produce black holes of up to 50 solar masses. Either these holes must have started with a far larger mass than they can explain, or it is the fastest growing black hole.

The discovery of J215728.21-360215.1, a black hole growing so fast it must, according to current theories, be 20 billion times the mass of the Sun. “This black hole is growing so rapidly that it’s shining thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy,” Christian Wolf, an astronomer at the Australian National University and first author on the new research, said in an emailed statement. “If we had this monster sitting at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, it would appear 10 times brighter than a full Moon.” It’s rate of growth, half a solar mass every day, almost doubles the previous record.

Wolf told IFLScience that they have yet to confirm J215728.21-360215.1‘s mass exactly, although time has been booked on a telescope capable of measuring the speed with which gas is orbiting it, which will disclose its mass. Its rate of growth, however, was more easily determined from its quasar’s brightness.

As we have mentioned above J215728.21-360215.1 was discovered as a by-product of Gaia’s study of stellar movements. Distant quasars that look like red dwarfs because their light has been so Doppler shifted were identified. Wolf hopes further researching will reveal these over-sized black holes’ frequency, and therefore; “The scale of the problem we have to explain.” “We don’t know how this one grew so large, so quickly in the early days of the universe,” Wolf said. “The hunt is on to find even faster growing black holes.”

Source: IFLScience

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