Europa Surface

Scientists Discovered Salt Water On The Surface Of Europa

The scientists, who were observing the Jupter and its moons, discovered a salt water on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. They suggests, that if someone can get to the moon through the all difficulties, and drink the water, the taste of water will be familiar. The Europa moon of Jupiter, overed with cracks and salt chemicals.

The moon also has a gigantic ocean with  frozen exterior. Because of this, the moon of Jupiter, is one of the most likely places to find life in our solar system outside of the Earth. In Hawaii the scientists used the telescope Keck, and mapped in the surface of Europa,  an infrared wavelengths with 40 times greater resolutions, which they hadn’t Europaobtained in the previous. But they found the magnesium sulfate salt, only on the half part of the moon: the hemisphere that receives most of the material ejected from Io.

The scientists think that the salts trickle from the Europa’s ocean. The salt contains magnesium, which has sulfur Io combination, which is explaining the being of sulfate only in half part of Europa. It proves, that in the containing of the ocean, there are some other magnesium compound, or magnesium chloride, from the models it is clear, that the Europa’s oceans are rich either sulfate or chloride. The NaCl, the ordinary salt or sodium chloride, is found on the oceans of the Earth. So, the oceans of Europa may not be such different from the oceans of the Earth, and the idea regarding the organisms living on the Europa moon of Jupiter, is similar to our own planet.

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