Scientists Could Find the Exact Length of the Day on Neptune

Astronomer Eric Karkoshka at University of Arizona was able to most accurately determine the duration of Neptun’s days.He found that the gas giant makes one revolution around its axis in 15 hours 57 minutes and 59 seconds.It is very difficult to study Neptune, a radio signal from the planet to the Earth does not get because of the solar wind and noise, created by other planets.So to calculate the speed of rotation of the planet Karkoshka used the photos of Neptune obtained by the telescope “Hubble”. 

With the help of this pictures astronomer managed to find the atmospheric features, in particular the vortex in the northern hemisphere, which is, apparently, a huge storm (such as a red spot on Jupiter ), and vortex formation around the south pole, like to the  famous  Saturn’s hexagon. Astronomer could also establish that Neptune rotates faster than previously thought.