Scientists Find New Mineral of Cosmic Origin Wassonite

Scientists Find New Mineral of Cosmic Origin

NASA and an international team of researchers from South Korea, Japan and the USA has found a new mineral of cosmic origin named Wassonite. Mineral named in honor of proffesor, University of California at Los Angeles, John Wasson, who is known for his works in the field of study and classification of titanium. Wassonite is composed of sulfur and titanium. The new name was approved by the International Mineralogica Association. The discovery was made in the study of meteorite Yamato 691. This object was discovered in 1969 in Antarctica, becoming one of the first found of the continent of meteorites.

Wassonite is among the tiniest, yet most important minerals identified in the 4,5 billion-year-old  sample,  orbit  which lies between Mars and Jupiter.Using an electron microscope, the scientists found on the surface of the meteorite are small blotches of a new mineral. The mineral is less than one-hundredth the width of a human hair or 50×450 nanometers. According to researches scientists on Earth Wassonite does not meet likely.