Weather in space

Scientists observed the heart of space weather in action

With overlapping of data from two spaceships of NASA confirms magnetic reconnection on the sun, process a reshaping of magnetic fields which underlies weather in space. Teal of the image of SDO, is shown the form of power lines of a magnetic field in the Sun atmosphere. Two NASA spacecrafts provided the fullest movie ever mysterious process on the basis of all explosions on the Sun: magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnections occurs when power lines of a magnetic field are segmented, and then an exchange of partners. This process underlies huge explosions on the Sun, such as solar flashes and coronal emissions of weight which can throw radiation and particles on all Solar systems. Scientists want better to understand this process, so they can provide the preliminary prevention about such space weather which can affect on near-earth satellites and a hindrance for a radio communication. One of the reasons why it is so difficult to study that can’t witness magnetic reconnection directly because magnetic fields are invisible. Instead scientists use a combination of computer modeling and poor selection in supervision round magnetic reconnection of events to try to understand that occures in weather in space. By the words of Yang Su, (solar scientific from university in Austria) community still try to understand how magnetic reconnection of the reason of flashes. During the search with help of SDO NASA, reduction from Observatory of solar dynamics, SU saw something especially heavy to pull from data:  the direct image of magnetic reconnection as it occurs on the Sun.  Su and its colleagues reported about these results in Nature Physics on July 14, 2013. To confirm that they saw the scientist addressed to NASA second the spacecraft known as RHESSI. RHESSI collects spectrograms, some kind of data which can show where only hot the material is present at any event on the sun. RHESSI showed the hot centers of the solar material forming above and lower than a point the reconnections established to the signature of such event. Having united SDO and RHESSI, scientists could describe process that they saw, substantially confirms the previous models and theories, opening new, three-dimensional aspects of process. Scientists want to learn more about magnetic reconnection not only because it does on the sun but because it is universal process which happens near Earth, in its magnetic environments, magnetospheres, and in stars everywhere.