Shuttle Atlantis Completed Its Mission

Latest in the history of the shuttle “Atlantis” on Thursday, landed safely at Kennedy space center in Florida. The landing broadcast by the site of NASA space agency.”Atlantis” with the expedition of STS-135 launched from the Kennedy space center July 8 and docked to the ISS on July 10. Shuttle undocking from the U.S. segment of the International Space Station (ISS) was held on Tuesday, July 19, at 10.28 GMT.Space Shuttle “Atlantis” was the last ship that runs the program Space Shuttle, which lasted 30 years.  “Retired” ships will be transferred to American museums. Reason for leaving shuttle flights is development of ships’ resource and huge financial costs for preparation and maintenance of the space shuttle. 

After the cessation of shuttle flight, U.S. would be to use Russian spacecraft to “lift” the astronauts on the ISS.