Asteroid Vesta

Similarity between Moon and asteroid Vesta

Scientists from NASA’s Lunar Science Institute considered that essential changes of Jupiter’s
orbits and other gas giants could destabilize separate parts of a belt of asteroids about 4 billion years ago. This change started bombing, which created many craters on the MoonThe Moon and large bodies of the main belt of asteroids, including asteroid Vesta, despite the distance dividing them, suffered from the same “bombing“. The scientists compared results of research of samples of the lunar soil and meteorites called clan of HED (It is assumed that these meteorites got to Earth from the asteroid Vesta). By the words of scientists both heavenly bodies the Moon and the asteroid Vesta, endured the same bombing by asteroids known as lunar cataclysm. The scientists managed not only to specify time of the beginning and duration of bombing, but also to show that it mentioned also a belt of asteroids. According to the head of group Simone Marchi from Institute of researches of the Moon of NASA, 4 billion years ago the belt of asteroids “lost a lot of weight, and this substance faced not only the Moon, but also the “survived” large asteroids”.