Skywatcher Snaps Photo of Dumbbell Nebula

Skywatcher Bill Snyder snaps stunning photo of Dumbbell nebula. The photo depicts the Dumbbell nebula, also known as M27, seen near the constellation of Vulpecula or “Little Fox.” M27 is a planetary nebula. This is a type of emission nebula that forms when a star dies and emits a glowing shell of gas. In the photo, the nebula shines in two bright colors: the purple central glow is surrounded by a blue, hazy halo. These hues are due to hyrdogen and oxygen gas that has been ejected from the star out into space. This nebula is more than 1,200 light-years away.The nebula can be easily seen through an amateur telescope, and has an apparent magnitude of 7.5. On this scale, smaller numbers represent brighter objects. The dimmest objects visible to the human eye are about magnitude 6.5.

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