Asteroid 2012 BX34

Small Asteroid will Make an Extremely Close Pass by Earth Friday

According to Nasa scientists a small asteroid will make an extremely close pass by Earth on January 27, coming much nearer than the moon, but the space rock poses no danger of impacting our planet. The newfound asteroid 2012 BX34, which is about the size of a city bus, will pass within 36,750 miles (59,044 kilometers) of Earth at about 10:30 a.m. EST (1530 GMT) Friday. The space rock is about 36 feet (11 meters) wide, making it much too small to pose a threat to Earth. Asteroid 2012 BX34 will zip by at a distance about 0.17 times that separating Earth and the moon. The moon orbits Earth at an average distance of about 240,000 miles (386,000 km). While the near-Earth asteroid won’t hit Earth, it may offer seasoned amateur astronomers a great show, of course if they are in the right viewing location and have good equipment. NASA scientists and other astronomer teams regularly monitor the skies in search of asteroids that could pose a danger to Earth. Experts estimate that asteroids measuring about 460 feet (140 m) across can cause widespread destruction near their impact sites, but they’d need to be even larger to cause devastation on a global scale.