There are Snow Storms on Mars


 Snow storms which occur on Mars are much more important and powerful than on Earth. The red planet has dry and cold climate for the past 3.5 billion years. Although recent studies have shown that Mars began to form small lakes, and sometimes inside the craters.The lakes on the red planet may be formed when the ice meteorites that fall on Mars, beginning to melt. Water accumulates mainly in the valleys and craters of the planet. Scientists believe that increasing the lakes on Mars could change the climate of red planet. Edwin Kite, a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, said that in the equatorial region of Mars may be a large lake 65 kilometers wide. In this moist warm air from the lake will rise at a rate up to 194 kilometers per hour. 
Rising up water particles will turn into ice. This can cause severe storms, which will be more powerful than on Earth. Snow storm clouds will be “repaid” only at an altitude of 35 kilometers. On Mars there is no ozone layer, so the storm will be much worse than on our planet.