WISE Space Telescope Captured Nebula Barnard 3

Astronomers have come across a new image from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, that some say resembles a wreath. If you squint a little, the nebula‘s red dust cloud could be a bow, and the bluish-white stars look like silver bells. This star-forming nebula is named Barnard 3. Baby stars are being born throughout the dusty region, while the “silver bell” stars are located both in front of, and behind, the nebula. The star in the center of the red cloud, known as HD 278942, is so bright that it’s lighting up most of the surrouding clouds. The red cloud is probably made of dust that is more metallic and cooler than the surrounding regions. The yellow-green region poking into the picture from the left like a sprig of holly is similar to the rest of the green “wreath” material, only more dense.