Source to Feeding New Stars

Nicolas Lehner and Christopher Howk of Notre-Dame University, found that the main source of material to feed the new stars is the galactic halo, the edge of the Milky Way, extending beyond its visible part. This area is filled with a rarefied interstellar gas and clusters of invisible dark matter that doesn’t disperse stars inside the galaxy. Researchers estimate that the total mass of such clouds is about 100 million solar masses, and the galactic disk in the year settle approximately 0.8-1.4 solar masses of hydrogen and  other gases.This amount should be enough to feed star formation. Scientists came to this conclusion by analyzing the behavior of the so-called high speed gas clouds in the halo.

In contrast to a fixed dark  matter  and  interstellar   gas these clouds move at a speed of 90-170 kilometers per second, which is greater than the speed of motion of the Sun relative to the center of the galaxy by 4-6 times. Clouds of gas absorb and re-emit the rays of distant stars at a specific frequency that can uniquely identify their presence.