Saturn ring system

Space probe Cassini captured Saturn’s F ring

Rings of Saturn represent system of flat concentric educations from ice and a dust, settling down in the equatorial plane of Saturn. The plane of the appeal of system of rings coincides with the plane of the equator of Saturn. The size of particles of a material in rings – from micrometers to centimeters and then tens meters. Structure of the main rings: water ice (about 99 %) with impurity of a silicate dust. Thickness of rings is extremely small in comparison with their width (from 7 to 80 thousand kilometers over the equator of Saturn) and makes from one kilometer to ten meters. Lump of a material in system of rings is estimated at 3×1019 kilograms.

In total at Saturn there are 7 rings, each of which represents special structure, which differs from the others by the size, width and distance to the center of Saturn.

Saturn’s f ring has width from 30 to 500 kilometers (depending on area). The distance from it a ring to Saturn makes 140 210 kilometers.

On February 13 2013 the Saturn’s f ring “posed” in front of cameras of the space probe Cassini started in 1997 and the orbited Saturn in 2004. The picture was taken by space probe Cassini from distance of 686 000 kilometers from a surface of Saturn. On a wide review the photo was submitted on May 27.n


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