Space Radio Station by NASA is Launched

On December 12, NASA has announced about the first internet space radio launch dedicated to the space exploration spreading to the American public. This is not the first time that NASA is trying to spread space exploration message to the public by means of the newest technologies. NASA has already its pages in Facebook and Twitter social networks where space latest news are published, innovative information, videos and photos are shared. Even astronauts from the International Space Station post their updates and photos directly into NASA’s Twitter micro blog. Along with this, NASA has developed mobile phone application that delivers exploration messages to the youth and   people   interested  in  engineering  and  space  in the  educational purposes.

At the newly launched NASA Space Radio Station, modern music will be played which will be interrupted by space news blocks, announcements about hi-tech job vacancies in space and engineering fields, interviews with famous celebrities related to the space, and more. The music on the new radio will have new rock, indie and alternative music in a format that is “crafted specifically to speak the language of tech-savvy young adults”. The new radio broadcast can be accessed from NASA’s official website, as well as can be used from NASA’s mobile phone applications for iPhone and Droid mobile devices.