Voyager 1

Spacecraft Vojager 1 is Outside of the Heliosphere

The spacecraft of NASA Voyager 1 is the most far human made object from the Earth.

The Voyager 1 is the fastest spacecraft, which the people have ever created. In 35 years after start an automatic probe “Voyager-1” recorded strong change in intensity of quickly moving loaded particles called by space beams, which allowed to draw a conclusion of the  device, which could cross heliosphere border. The heliosphere is a solar systems’ border. Beyond the limits of interstellar space, there must be parts, which will be independent Heliiospherefrom the loaded parts and from a magnetic field . The scientist Bill Vebber think, that everything speaks well  that the Voyager-1 left the region depending on influence of the sun, its data show such characteristics of hydrogen and helium which can be observed in the interstellar environment. Though the Voyager-1 went beyond sun influence, scientists aren’t sure, whether crossed a probe space. But Bill Vebber think that the Voyager-1 is outside of the heliosphere . The Voyager-1 is in the new region, and all the measurements confirm it. According to the information provided by scientists, on August 25 of last year when the probe was at distance about 17.7 billion kilometers from the Sun, there was noted sharp change of signals of space beams. But there was registered the increase in intensity of galactic space beams.