NASA Needs New Spacesuits for Moon Landing 2024

NASA Needs New Spacesuits for Moon Landing 2024

NASA announced that they need spacesuits for Moon landing 2024. The suits are designed for a particular mission and tailored to a specific astronaut to allow him or her to work safely in a vacuum.

The space agency and Vice President Mike Pence declared the completion of the Orion crew capsule for the Artemis program. The Artemis program is an ongoing crewed spaceflight program carried out by NASA, U.S. commercial spaceflight companies, and international partners such as ESA, with the goal of landing the first woman to the moon and the next man on the lunar south pole region by 2024.

So, NASA is also going to deal with the spacesuits for Moon landing by 2024.

“NASA still doesn’t have a suit because the decision was taken suddenly,” Pablo de Leon, engineer and director of a NASA financed spacesuit project at the University of North Dakota, told AFP. “On the one hand, there’s this order to get to the Moon by 2024, and on the other, we haven’t developed new spacesuits since 1977.”

“Containing a human being into anything is very complex, so we have a spacesuit which is really a miniaturized spacecraft, and it has to be built in a way that is mobile, fairly comfortable and lets you work,” de Leon said in a NASA statement from 2015. “It’s really much more of a machine.”

The design process is bound to take years — that is, if NASA’s own efforts to design or find funding for a new spacesuit haven’t yet grounded to a halt.

“We want you to not have to think about the suit at all,” NASA spacesuit engineer Lindsay Aitchison told Axios. “Anything you do just feels like working in your regular shirtsleeves.”

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